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Rodent Pest Control in Dallas/Fort Worth

At Premier Termite And Pest Control, we offer rodent control services throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. Mice and rat infestations tend to begin in the fall. As temperatures start to drop, rodents seek new food sources and shelter in nearby homes. While your home may be fairly secure, rodents can fit inside even the tiniest of crevices. Left unaddressed, rat and mice infestations can result in property damage to your walls, cupboards, furniture, or other belongings, and even in the spread of certain diseases.
Let the experts at Premier Termite And Pest Control remove mice, rats, and other small animals from your residence. If you've seen any droppings around your home, give us a call! We are happy to inspect your home and offer solutions.

Rodent Control Services Include:

  • Baiting
  • Setting Up Trapping
  • Sealing and Repairing Entry Points
  • Setting Up Barriers to Deter Re-Entry

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