Bed Bug Control in Dallas/Fort Worth

Premiere Termite & Pest Control offers bed bug inspections for all Dallas/Fort Worth homes and businesses. Bed bugs are tenacious insects that are very difficult to eradicate. Bed bugs tend to stay inside mattresses and box springs, inside wall voids, appliances, electrical fixtures, cushions, clothing, suitcases, boxes, carpeting, etc. They are able to get into the tiniest crevices and can sometimes lie dormant for over a year while waiting for warm-blooded hosts to feed on.
A bed bug infestation in a home requires multiple treatments and sometimes up to several thousand dollars. This cost is not only for the necessary treatment, but also for the cost of replacing mattresses, box springs, and even furniture. With our bed bug inspections, we are able to spot a small problem before it becomes a full-blown infestation. Give us a call today if you suspect your home or business has bed bugs!

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